Domestic terror scenario

A new religious group which has gained numerous followers in South Auckland, Rotorua and other parts of the northern parts of the North Island is incensed when its leader is arrested for fraudulent use of funds. The leader claims the government is attempting to appropriate the movements money and urges followers to take 'direct action'. Criminal elements within the group coalesce around an underground leadership which begins smuggling in weapons and staging armed attacks on government agencies, including Police. The Manukau and Counties District Police commander and five staff have been shot, and two or three sniper attacks on  patrol cars are occurring per night and it appears a coalition of criminal gangs are working together to erode police confidence in South Auckland.

The object of this mission is to disrupt organised violence through accurate, targeted and proportionate responses to the threat presented.

Essentially this is a job for the Military Police as they are trained as both Police and the military. They would use Ural vehicles and armoured land cruisers to find the source of fire arms attacks. Anti sniping sensors such as the Raytheon Boomerang would very quickly determine the source of the threat. In addition Pioneer breaching elements (for gang headquarters) and 3CI and ECM units including the Seasprite helicopters could be employed. UAV drones may also be needed for low level stealthy reconnaissance. If necessary helicopter mounted counter snipers might be employed.

In all cases the object is to avoid an impression of a militarised police force but instead use military capability to outsmart and close down criminal gangs.