NZ Defence Network

Every business requires an information and knowledge storage and communication system. For defence not only is this a necessary part of the infrastructure but it is also a global international battlefield in its own right.

NZ Defence Network would consolidate
  • Government Communications Security Bureau
  • NZDF Networks
  • Navy and Airforce Communications/Intelligence
  • Royal NZ Signals Regiment
  • Any other secret networks
Into an overarching agency split into
  • National Cyber Security Center
  • South Pacific Signals Surveillance Center
  • Communications Intelligence Bureau
  • Government Secure Network
  • Defence Signals Engineering Department
  • Defence Records

National Cyber Security Center
This agency already exists as part of GCSB

South Pacific Signals Surveillance Center
Just as the National Cyber Security Center is an attempt to separate a public function from it's parent secret agency (GCSB) so the South Pacific Signals Surveillance Centre is a way to monitor the existence of signals for SAR or law enforcement purposes without attempting to necessarily penetrate the meaning of the signals. This draws together GCSB and Naval Intelligence and extends the Royal NZ Coastguard. It would probably make use of Low Earth Orbit Satellites.

Communications  Intelligence Bureau
This is the spy agency part of GCSB

Government Secure Network
This is the network operations and management of the secure cloud service at different levels of security ranging from top secret down to open

Defence Signals Engineering Department
This department draws together the Army, Navy and Airforce communications engineering specialists to provide systems to deployed units anywhere in the world.

Defence Records
This is the information and archival department. It is responsible for personnel records management, accounting records management plus logs, and all other important record keeping functions.