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Welcome to Maori Customary Law, a place where hapu can:

      • Establish their Native Council or Hapu Authority
      • Resolve their issues using their hapu tikanga and kawa or practices and customs, and;
      • Access legal services concerning major land and/or resource management issues
Recording your hapu to the Hapu Database is optional. Doing so publicly reaffirms the hapu authority status tentatively. Reaffirmation of the Hapu by recording the Hapu to database is a necessary stage in establishing the Hapu Authority. Only hapu on the database records can be recognised as a Hapu Native Council where the authority is recognised by New Zealand Law.

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  • Panui: Hui for resolutions 28th October 2012 Kia ora mai whanau,The time has come to solidify our establishment of Hapu authority and to re-affirm Hapu autonomy in accordance with He Whakaputanga 1835 me Te Tiriti ...
    Posted 23 Oct 2012, 17:56 by HapuNativeCouncils
  • Kaumatua Hui Kia ora mai tatou,Our Kaumatua have called for a hui to be held for various issues to be heard and resolved in regards to Hapu and whenua matters. Our ...
    Posted 23 Mar 2012, 21:17 by HapuNativeCouncils
  • Website back up and running Kia Ora Mai Whanau, we have had some issues with our website over the past few months which we are please to announce have been resolved and we are finally ...
    Posted 1 Nov 2011, 08:14 by HapuNativeCouncils
  • Open Invitation Whanau and Hapu are invited to our hui beginning  6pm this friday 14th January, ending Saturday 15th, at Pehiaweri Marae in Tikipunga Whangarei.Koha kai all welcome.For more details ...
    Posted 9 Jan 2011, 11:02 by HapuNativeCouncils
  • Edited content on our site Kia ora mai whanau, We have edited the website somewhat and replaced the word "register" with the word "record". If you are using the search box to find the old ...
    Posted 24 Sep 2010, 12:07 by HapuNativeCouncils
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