The NZ Centreboard Standard Sailing Instructions were initiated as the Auckland Standard SIs in 2003 following discussions between representatives of Murrays Bay Sailing Club, Torbay Sailing Club, Wakatere Boating Club, Kohimarama Yacht Club and Howick Sailing Club.

The initial purpose was to give the junior sailors a consistent set of Sailing Instructions which varied little from regatta to regatta.

Over time their use has been extended to many centreboard regattas.

The Sailing Instructions consist of two documents:

  1. The Standard Sailing Instruction clauses. This document is distributed in PDF format.
  2. The Regatta Specific Schedule. This is created by regatta organisers to detail the matters that are specific to each regatta. This document is distributed in Microsoft word format so that it can be created for each regatta.

Sailors should ensure that they have a copy of both documents prior to sailing in a regatta where they apply. The sailor should ensure that they have the Regatta Specific Schedule that applies for the regatta as there will be a different one published for each regatta.

Documents for Download

For Sailors

For Regatta Organisers