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Tournament Updates - Jakarta 2010

Sunday 10th OCtober (by Chris Shaw): So this will be the final update from the tournament - we managed to take the team silver for the event.  Dissapointing as we were hoping to retain the title we won in 2008.  We did however have some great individual successes with Lance winning Gold in Slalom & Jump and Bronze in Tricks, Toni Silver in Womens Slalom.  Also we had a NZ two & three placing in the individual overall with Lance and Cole respectively.

Check out the photo gallery over the next few days and a final tournament wrap-up over the next few weeks.

Saturday 9th October - No update for today guys.  There was no skiing (only wakeboarding & barefoot) so we will be back tomorrow with an update from the Salom, Tricks and Womens Jump Finals.

Friday 8th October (by Chris Shaw):

NZ Skier Lance Green has a Gold!!

Yesterday was a very interesting day with the finals of men’s (and most of women’s jump). After the various issues in the last few days, it was a tense final with Lance skiing before the higher seeded Australian skiers and setting the bar high (for this ramp) at 53.8 metres. Ryan and Gavin were unable to match this result with Ryan just short with a 53.6 metre jump to take second place leaving Lance to take the Gold for NZ.

The NZ girls also jumped well and all took a dig at the ramp to attempt to put some strong scores on the board. Georgia managed to jump 29.3 metres, Toni 31.6 metres and Rachael jumped 31.5 metres – plus broke a fin!!

Unfortunately the women’s jump wasn’t completed as another rainstorm passed through the site and it was getting too close to dusk to continue skiing safely.

The jump finals so far have been eventful with one of the Korean men taking a major crash and being sent off to hospital with a suspected damaged knee. In addition, rerides were being given to skiers today for issues with the boat not accelerating into the ramp properly – an issue we flagged to the judges yesterday when our skier Rachael Donaldson protested and was denied a reride.  Who knows why these are now being awarded – maybe the safety issue was noted?

The tricks event has been postponed until Sunday – lucky for me as this gives me time to get my body back into shape for the finals after my Jump crash yesterday. I probably should apologise to Matt at Physio Solutions as the crash undid all of his recent good work getting me strong for the tournament!

Saturday will be the remainder of the Women’s Jump Finals, some barefooting and wakeboarding (if they can fix their boat). {update – no skiing today due to the weather. Wakeboard only!}

I will close this report with a couple of photos which skiers in NZ will find interesting – the ramp in the picture was being lifted from 1.60m to 1.80m and the balloon was dropping into the lake in one of the storms, putting ropes across the lake while they were testing the wakeboard boat. By pure chance the rope lifted, missing the boat by less than a metre as it passed underneath.

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Thursday 7th October (by Toni Atkinson): Today was… interesting!! We all had the slalom and jump prelims, which really tested the boat and the site.
The day began with Women’s slalom. Georgia skied ½ @ 16m, Rachel 2 ½ @16m and myself ½@13m. Catherine Humphrey (Aus) came out on top with 1@12m. We were then followed by the boys, who really did us proud and got us some good scores! The Australians were unlucky this round, letting Mike and Lance come out on top, Lance with 0 @ 11.25m and Mike with 2 ½ @12m. Cole was down a bit on his usual slalom scores with 4 @ 13m, a perfectly fine score considering the uneasy site! We were expecting the worse after a very choppy and rolly familiarisation, which was a good thing, as the rollys made it very difficult. We did exceptionally well considering the site we have been given.

After slalom, we went on to Men’s jump - which started off with a bang, with one competitor going out the back and another going out the front and being taken to hospital (suspected shoulder issues or broken rib). Our boys went out and virtually used this round as a familiarisation set, as during familiarisation the conditions were poor and Cole crashed out the front, Lance just rode his skis, and Mike and Chris did not familiarise at all! They took it fairly easy, Cole jumping 45.9m, Mike 45.4m and Lance 49.3m. Chris didn’t take it too easy and unfortunately crashed on his first jump, unable to carry on as he hurt his heel and was unable to put on the binding. We were just happy to see him on his feet and alright.

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Gavin McMillan from Australia came out top seed with a 55ish metre jump.

It was then our time to jump. Georgia was first up out of us three, scoring a best jump of 27.3m, followed by Rachel with 27.0m and I followed with a 29.7m jump. Needless to say, we were all quite disappointed with our scores and the boat which proceeded to back off right before the ramp (a bit unsafe!). Rachel’s protest was denied unfortunately, as the boat was still getting in-tolerance times. So, we are holding our heads high and are using our frustration for the finals where we will really give it our all!
The 1.65m girls are jumping tomorrow, so it should be interesting to see what conditions they get and how the boat runs. Georgia and I are currently top seeds though.

Tonight we had the opening ceremony, where all the teams were introduced and the key organizers spoke (including the head of the Indonesian Military who own the lake). The Navy also performed an instrumental number with drums and various other interesting instruments I’d never seen before! The dinner was also very nice, the butter chicken a clear favourite!!! Tomorrow, we have the jump finals, which have been moved forward. So, no more Mr. Nice Guys were going to go out there and give it our all!! We will prove that Kiwis really CAN fly!

Thanks for all the support from back home, it’s really appreciated. We are having an awesome but interesting time over here; it truly is an experience and a half. We have really begun to appreciate the high-class quality of all the tournaments at home and the extensive efforts the judges and tournament organizers put in to make them happen.

Wednesday 6th October  (by Lance Green): Wednesday, the first day of competition. On the water first were the wakeboarders and after waking Cole and I looked down on the lake from our seventh floor hotel room balcony to see the wakeboard boat sitting stationary in the water with the engine cover up. Not a good start! It wasn’t long though before they had it fixed and we were back underway.

Tricks started about eleven o’clock and the girls were up first. After the first skier they were forced to hold though while a short (but impressive) thunderstorm passed over. First up for the kiwis was Toni who put together two good passes to post an equal personal best of 2420. Unfortunately for Rachael after standing a solid hand pass she went down early on toes, but it was still enough to get her through to the final. Finally Georgia went out and creamed both her runs to rack up 3820, a personal best by a whopping 400 points. Top seed in the girls was taken by Aussie Catherine Humphrey with 5400.

First up for the kiwis in men’s was myself and with a stand up toe pass and a fall right at the end of hands and I suspect some slightly generous judging I came away with 6560 which I was happy with. Being first tricker for the boys I then landed the duty of release man for Cole, Mike and Chris. However, just after we had all been ferried to the dock at the end of the lake, the sky darkened and it then proceeded to absolutely bucket down and roar with thunder and lightning for the next hour and a half. All the while Cole, Chris, Mike, myself and a pretty unimpressed Wrighty, who somehow landed the job of dock man. Sat huddled in a tiny café made from bamboo with about thirty other competitors and Indonesians, some of who were handing us their children so they could take photos of us with them, which was pretty hardcase!

Finally after the storm passed and skiing resumed Mike was next for NZ. Not quite going to plan for Mike he fell early on hands after standing up his toe run. Scoring a total of 3230. Cole followed and after scraping his way through his toe pass he got most of the way through his hands to score a solid 5690. Last off was Chris who unfortunately went down on the high scoring Toe line 360 and on a ski line trick just before his flips on his hand pass, but still scored more than enough to make the finals. Top seed was Ryan Green (who else!) with a massive 9240.

All in all a pretty successful day for team NZ with everyone making through to the final which is awesome. Looking forward to Slalom and jump tomorrow.

Trick seedings are as follows: Georgia 4th, Toni 7th, Rachael 11th, Lance 2nd, Cole 3rd, Chris 6th, Mike 8th.

Tuesday 5th October (by Rachel Donaldson):  Murphy’s Law, conditions coming right at last (just in time for the Aussie’s familiarisation)  but no skiing to be had for the NZ team today...  so half of us headed off to Mini Indonesia. This was an awesome park, with the Museum of Indonesia, a massive bird Avery and Animal Park. The native komodo dragon was really friendly, we got to go inside and pat it. Holding the snakes was also a highlight for some!...  Mean while the rest of the guys went to the mall to find some white shirts for the final night although they found Indonesian sizing a challenge.

Tomorrow we start... with tricking for all.

Monday 4th October (by Mike Evans): Today was the first day of official familiarisation. The course was homologated in the morning with familiarisation starting at 11am.  We were the third team on the water with 1 ¾ hours to get into the swing of things. We have been disappointed with the lack of skiing we have had on the site, as the courses have only been put in over the last couple of days. The lake is owned and run by the Indonesian Navy with the equivalent of the Navy seals putting in some long days in the water doing all the course work.

As the kiwis lined up on the dock the gale tail wind picked up.  We all struggled with the slalom but finally managed to run a few passes as the wind died later in the afternoon. Everyone is up to speed with the tricks and enjoying the deep warm lake creating a great wake behind the Mastercraft.  Cole was the tournament crash test dummy; taking the first jumps of the tourney, unfortunately crashing out the front on an early three quarter cut at the ramp.  The boat cruise control system didn’t pick up the timing magnets, resulting in the gas stopping as Cole hit the ramp.  It also didn’t help that the jump had not been waxed.  We can’t believe the jump is even floating, with two small bits of flotation and about 20 polystyrene buoys holding up the corners. We have definitely realised that we are very spoilt at home with the awesome courses and facilities we get to ski at.  Cole’s a bit battered and bruised but should come right fairly quickly.

The compound here is set up fantastically and the Indonesian hospitality is second to none, however the team are going to have to ski hard and put up with what they get on the water. Michael injured his knee in an awkward jump crash in training in Oz but has managed to get back on the slalom and trick ski. The team doesn’t jump until the 7th, so we’re hoping with a couple more days of rehab he can have a crack at the ramp in the prelims.
Chris Wright has been working hard to set up the boats and the rest of the supporters enjoyed a day at the shops. We have a rest day tomorrow and looking forward to having a look around Jakarta.

Sunday 3rd October (by Georgia O'Connell): The team was up and ready to start at 8.00am but only able to trick and jump cut with the boat driving in manual. The slalom course was still not homologated and after hours of waiting around to slalom, a tropical storm hit. We made use of the excellent facilities at our lovely hotel. Massages, gym, swims, cards and games of pool were the order of the afternoon with skiing abandoned because of the weather.

Saturday 2nd October (by Georgia O'Connell): The team had our first hour of unofficial practice today in 30 degrees at 9.00am this morning. Tricking was the only option as the ramp and slalom course were not yet in place. The ski site is bordered with a busy main road on one side where people are constantly stopping to watch the action, fishing, pulling carts of wood, lighting fires and generally living.

Friday 1st October (by Georgia O'Connell): After a shaky touch down at Jakarta airport, the teamassembled and gathered their luggage (minus Janet and Les’) andset off on a 23km, hour-long shuttle ride to Sunlake Hotel. From the airport to the hotel we observed the extremes of the city of  20million people, which ranged from slums to grand palatial homes.We settled for the night in our luxurious suites, across the road and over looking Sunlake, where the tournament will take place.

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