Algorithms and Economics of the Internet (CSCI-GA.3033-003)

Graduate Course in the
Computer Science Department at 

Courant Institute, NYU

Time:                     Thursdays, 5:10PM-7PM.

Instructors:             Vahab Mirrokni (Google Research NYC)  and   Richard Cole (NYU)

Contact:                  mirrokni _at_ and cole _at_

Office Hours:         Monday/Wednesday, 4PM-5PM, Room 417 Warren Weaver Hall. 
                       Thursdays, 3:45-4:45PM, Room 328, Warren Weaver Hall.

Instructional Assistant: Long Yang

Office Hours:              Monday and Wednesday 5:00-6:00pm, Room 412
, Warren Weaver Hall.

Description: In this course, we study algorithmic and economic problems related to the Internet search, online advertisement, social networks, and online markets. We discuss important economic aspects: the ideas behind Internet ad auctions, and the game theoretic analysis of self-interested agents interacting over the Internet. We also cover the central algorithmic ideas behind the large-scale analysis of the huge data sets supporting Internet search. Our goal is to obtain a rigorous understanding of the properties of such environments and explore these properties to solve data mining and optimization problems emerging in these environments. The main areas include computational economics, computational advertising, (social) network analysis, commerce applications, and large-scale distributed computation. 
See the syllabus link and the schedule link for more details.

Prerequisites: Fundamental algorithms or similar algorithms course