Thinking of South Asia in a Global Perspective

The Global South Asia Conference, held yearly at New York University, is a platform for academics and professionals to discuss the important challenges and opportunities presented by globalization in South Asia.
Our second annual conference will be held February 13th in the Rosenthal Pavilion, 9th floor of the Kimmel Center for University Life.  It will be structured around the theme of Powers in the Periphery.  This theme seeks to address the current political and economic struggles and success of the South Asian region.  The same three topics will be presented in our panels as last year, but with a more interactive and diverse group of speakers.  Those three themes that will be discussed concern the marginalization of minority groups, the context of borders in South Asia, and major role South Asia will continue to play on a global scale.  More broadly speaking these issues will be grouped in three sessions during the conference:

-          The Geo-Politics of South Asia

-          South Asia in a Global Economy – Economic Development

-          Culture: Changing Values and Concepts  


This conference brings together experts from different fields to explore the implications of and on South Asia in a global context. To find out more visit our conference website: