at: The Gotham Seminar on Genomics and Statistics is a monthly seminar series for New York based investigators (and sometimes visiting friends) to present research with a focus on statistical, computational and quantitative aspects of genomics.

Moderators: Itsik Pe'er and Eimear Kenny

When: Every third Friday of the month at 10 am

Where: Computer Science Department conference room at Columbia University (CS Building Room 453, directions here).

Mailing list: (contact moderators to be added to mailing list)

2013/2014 Schedule:

 Date    Speaker Affiliation Location
 9/13/2013*     Shai Carmi     Pe'er Lab at Columbia University    CS 453
 10/18/2013 Molly Przeworski     Przeworski Lab at Columbia University     CS 453
 11/15/2013 Guy Sella Sella Lab at Columbia University CS 453
 12/6/2013* Yuval Nov Nov Lab at University of Haifa CS 453
 1/17/2014 Yufeng Shen Shen Lab at Columbia University CS 453
 2/7/2014*   Joe Pickerell Pickerell Lab at NYGC/Columbia University CS 453
 3/14/2014    Iuliana Ionita-Laza         Ionita-Laza Lab at Columbia University CS 453
 4/18/2014Eimear Kenny Kenny Lab at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai CS 453
 5/16/2014 TBA  
 6/13/2014 TBA  

* off cycle dates