SHRM LI Workforce Readiness Initiative


The following activities are on-going workforce readiness initiatives coordinated by our subcommittee:


1.    The creation of partnerships with Long Island's colleges and high schools for numerous workforce readiness presentations to students, educators, parents, employers.  Activities include but not limited to: 

·         Representation at career fairs, internship fairs, resumes reviews. 

·         Classroom speakers

·         Employability skills seminars - job interviews, resume reviews

·         Active membership at Business/School Advisory Boards

·         Role playing and judges in real world educational endeavors

·         Job Shadowing


2.    The creation of a partnership with the New York State Department of Labor’s Workforce Investment Boards and One Stop Employment Centers for the purpose of assisting veterans and adults to re-enter the workforce.

3.    SHRM membership participation at Junior Achievement and Virtual Enterprises events.

4.    Creation of SHRM LI Workforce Readiness website as a location to share printed and visual resources for use in presentations.

5.    Participation in the initial steps of the national and the statewide workforce readiness initiative for workforce readiness certification.  Program vision and goals address the  “Certificate of Employability” and the “College and Career Ready” initiatives.

6.    Conducted Workforce Readiness awareness presentations at monthly SHRM dinner meetings and the yearly regional SHRM Conferences for the purpose of recruiting and educating new SHRM members for the national initiative.

7.    Active participation at the SHRM State Leadership Conference at which all 12 chapter representatives gather to work collaboratively. 

8.  The creation and execution of the SHRM LI Virtual Human Resource Assistant Program.       




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