Surfing the INTERNET

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Wide Area Information Servers (pronounced ways) allows users to get information from a variety of hosts by means of a "client". The user tells the client, in plain English, what to look for out in dataspace. The client then searches various WAIS servers around the globe. The user tells the client how relevant each hit is, and the client can be sent out on the same quest again and again to find new documents. Client software is available for many different ypes of computers.

WAIStation is an easy to use Macintosh implementation of a WAIS client. It can be downloaded from think.com as well as a self-running MediaTracks demo of WAIStation in action.  Kahle also moderates a thoughtful WAIS newsletter and discussion group, often speculating about the future of libraries and librarians.

Info from:  Brewster Kahle, Project Leader
Wide Area Information Servers
Thinking Machines Corporation
1010 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025
415/329-9300 x228