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VERONICA:  Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Net-wide Index to Computerized Archives.

Very new on the scene is VERONICA. Here is some information from Steve Foster about it.

"Veronica offers a keyword search of most gopher-server menus in the entire gopher web. As Archie is to ftp archives, Veronica is to gopherspace. Unlike Archie, the search results can connect you directly to the data source. Imagine an Archie search that lets you select the data, not just the host
sites, directly from a menu. Because Veronica is accessed through a gopher client, it is easy to use, and gives access to all types of data supported by the gopher protocol."

"Veronica was designed as a response to the problem of resource discovery in the rapidly-expanding gopher web.  Frustrated comments in the net news-groups have recently reflected the need for such a service.  Additional motivation came from the comments of naive gopher users, several of
whom assumed that a simple-touse service would provide a means to find resources`without having to know where they are.'"

"The result of a Veronica search is an automatically-generated gopher menu, customized according to the user's keyword specification. Items on this menu may be drawn from many gopher servers. These are functional gopher items, immediately accessible via the gopher client   just double-click to open directories, read files, or perform other searches -- across hundreds of gopher servers. You need never know which server is actually involved in filling your request for information. Items that are appear particularly interesting can be saved in the user's bookmark list."

"Notice that these are NOT full-text searches of data at gopher-server sites, just as Archie does not index the contents of ftp sites, but only the names of files at those sites.   Veronica indexes the TITLES on all levels of the
menus, for most gopher sites in the Internet. 258 gophers are indexed by Veronica on Nov. 17, 1992; we have discovered over 500 servers and will index the full set in the near future.  We hope that Veronica will encourage gopher administrators to use very descriptive titles on their menus."

"To try Veronica, select it from the `Other Gophers' menu on Minnesota's gopher server (, or point your gopher at:
Name=Veronica (search menu items in most of GopherSpace)

"Veronica is an experimental service, developed by Steve Foster and Fred Barrie at University of Nevada. As we expect that the load will soon outgrow our hardware, we will distribute the Veronica service across other sites in the near future."

"Please address comments to:"

Is this the new world order of automated librarianship?