Surfing the INTERNET

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One problem with written communication is that remarks meant to be humorous are often lost.  Without the visual body-language clues, some messages may be misinterpreted.  So a visual shorthand known as "smileys" has been developed.   There are a hundred or more variations on this theme-


That's a little smiley face.  Look at it sideways.   More Smiley info may be found via anonymous ftp at  many places, including the following:
cd /pub/misc/funnies/smiley.txt

FTP is introduced later in the text.

What a range of emotions you can show using only keyboard characters. Besides the smiley face above, you can have :-( if you're sad, or :-< if you're REALLY upset!  ;-) is one way of showing a wink.   Folks wearing glasses might look like this online:  %^).

But for the most part, the electronic community is willing to help others. Telecommunications helps us overcome what has been called the tyranny of distance.  We DO have a global village.