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The 5th Revision of the Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences

This resource is available at LISTSERV@KENTVM or
LISTSERV@KENTVM.KENT.EDU and via anonymous FTP to in the library directory.

This announcement is extracted from the ACADLIST README FILE

"This directory contains descriptions of 805 electronic conferences (econferences) on topics of interest to scholars.   E- conference is the umbrella term that includes discussion lists, interest groups, e-journals, e-newsletters, Usenet newsgroups, forums, etc.   We have used our own
judgment in deciding what is of scholarly interest -- and accept any advice or argument about our decisions.   We have placed the entries into categories by deciding what the *dominant* academic subject area of the electronic conference is."

"The 5th Revision involves an attempt to make it easier to feed the Directory into HyperCard(TM), dBase(TM) and other database programs. The first step in this effort has been to use field labels for each part of each record.   We've also reduced the size of each record by trying to keep topic information between 25-50 words (some are still bigger).  Advice on this topic will be gratefully accepted at"

"In addition, information about editorial policy and archive availability and frequency have also been included in each record.   Where possible the information in each record has been checked for currency and accuracy by checking the LISTSERV header in the case of LISTSERV based e-conferences and contacting the moderators of other kinds of e-conferences."

"The field labels are as follows:
LN:  (e-conference name)
TI:  (topic information)
SU:  (subscription information)
ED:  (edited?  Yes or No)
AR:  (archived?   if Yes, frequency, private=subscribers only)
MO:  (moderator, editor, listowner, manager, coordinator, etc.)
IA:  (`official' institutional affiliation)."

"Topic descriptions are taken in whole or part from the descriptions provided by each listowner, editor, moderator or coordinator to the New-List, the List of Lists, and the Internet Interest Groups file."

"Any errors are the responsibility of the compiler of the Electronic Conferences for Academics Files.   If you can provide corrections or additional information about any of these electronic conferences, please contact:

Diane Kovacs (Bitnet)  DKOVACS@KENTVM (Internet)

These files are available on the Directory of Scholarly E-Conferences:
ACADLIST README  (explanatory notes for the Directory)
ACADSTCK HQX  (binhexed, self-decompressing, HyperCard Stack of entire Directory - Keyword searchable)
ACADLIST FILE1 (Anthropology- Education)
ACADLIST FILE2 (Geography-Library and Information Science)
ACADLIST FILE3 (Linguistics-Political Science)
ACADLIST FILE4 (Psychology-Writing)
ACADLIST FILE5  (Biological sciences)
ACADLIST FILE6 (Physical sciences -now includes Academic Computing and Computer Science)
ACADLIST FILE7 (business, Academia, news)
ACADWHOL HQX (binhexed self-decompressing Macintosh M.S.  Word 4.0 document of all 7 directories)
ACADLIST.CHANGES (Major additions and deletions)

How to retrieve the abovefiles via mail

1.  Send an e-mail message addressed to LISTSERV@KENTVM or LISTSERV@KENTVM.KENT.EDU.
2.  Leave the subject and other info lines blank.
3.  The message must read:  GET Filename Filetype
(e.g.,filename=ACADLIST filetype=FILE1 or HQX or whatever)
4.  The files will be sent to you and you must receive them.
5.  If you need assistance receiving, etc.  contact your local Computer Services people.

How to retrieve the files via anonymous FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

1.  when prompted for `USERID,' type   ANONYMOUS.
2.  Your password will be your actual userid on your local machine.
3.  Type:   cd library
4.  Type:   GET Filename.Filetype (e.g., filename=ACADLIST
filetype=FILE1 or HQX or whatever)
5.  The files will be transferred directly into the directory you ftp'ed from at your site.