Remote Login to Internet Resources: TELNET

Surfing the INTERNET

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One step beyond electronic mail is the ability to control a remote computer using TELNET.  This feature lets you virtually teleport anywhere on the network and use resources located physically at that host.  Further, some hosts have gateways to other hosts, which have further gateways to still
more hosts.  How can you be in two places at once?  It sounds more confusing than it is.  What resources are available?  Here is a sampling of some of the fare awaiting you at several sites:

Cleveland Free-net

Freenets are the progeny of:
Tom Grundner, Director,
Community Telecomputing Laboratory
Case Western Reserve University
303 Wickenden Building
Cleveland, OH 44106
216/368-2733  FAX:  216/368-5436
and the folks at:
National Public Telecomputing Network (NPTN)
Box 1987
Cleveland, OH 44106
216/368-2733  FAX:  216/368-5436

Free-nets are built around a city metaphor, complete with schools, hospitals, libraries, courthouses, and other public services.

Academy One recently held an online global simulation of a series of major space achievements.  16 schools (from five states and four nations) participated.  Here are several of the descriptions of their projects:

Valkeala, Finland (
Acting as Space Shuttle Discovery taking the Hubble Telescope into space. These Finnish students will be in communication with students in Estonia, relaying their reports."

Dr. Howard School (25 students in 3rd/4th grade) will be simulating the Challenger 2 launch.   They are being assisted by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications."

Simulating a NASA Tracking Station in Florida. They will be
posting hourly weather reports about the conditions in Florida
around Cape Kennedy. This information is vital to the recovery
of the Friendship 7 capsule and crew.  Students have taken an
interest in Space Junk and will be posting additional reports on the various probes which were used to test the surface of
the moon and how all of that junk is now becoming a hazard to current and future space exploration."

Another Free-net resource is Project Hermes.   This service provides copies of Supreme Court opinions in electronic form to as wide an audience as possible, almost as soon as they are announced.

The Court's opinions can be sent directly to you or you may download the files directly from any NPTN community computer system.

The Free-nets also provide weather, news, and gateways to other resources. To access the Cleveland Free-Net (where all this is being held) simply telnet to:
or and select "visitor" at the login menu.