Performance Systems International

Surfing the INTERNET

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PSI offers several permutations of network connectivity, including low-end email-only accounts, dial-up host connectivity on demand, and dedicated connections.  Costs are competitive and performance is reliable.  PSI has POPs (points of presence) in over forty U.S. cities.

PSILink, email and delayed ftp, is $19 a month for 2400 baud service or below, $29 per month for 9600 baud service.

GDS (Global Dialup Service) includes telnet, rlogins at $39 a month, 2400 baud, 24 hour access.

Host DCS (Dialup Connection Service), at about $2000 per year, ncludes a full suite of internet activities (mail, news, ftp, telnet).

Performance Systems International, Inc.
11800 Sunrise Valley Dr.  Suite 1100
Reston, VA 22091
800/82PSI82 or 703/620-6651 FAX:  703/620-4586 generates an automatic reply response containing summaries of various PSI products.