Surfing the INTERNET

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CNI Coalition for Networked Information
1527 New Hampshire Ave., NW
Washington, DC  20036
202/232-2466  FAX:  202/462-7849

CPSR  Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
PO Box 717
Palo Alto, CA 94302
415/322-3778 FAX:  415/322-3798
CPSR Newsletter, annual Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference, poster "Technology is driving the future-- it's time to find out who's steering.")

EFF The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Inc.
155 Second St.
Cambridge, MA 02141
617/864-1550 FAX:  617/864-0866
Publishes the EFFector in online and print editions.  T-shirts,
bumper stickers ("I'd rather be telecommuting"; "ISDN:  Make it so."; "CYBERNAUT")

Internet Society
1895 Preston White Drive
Suite 100
Reston, VA 22091
703/620-8990, FAX 703/620-0913
Annual conference, quarterly Internet Society News.