Surfing the INTERNET

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For a list of Internet Service Providers contact:

NSF Network Service Center (NNSC)
BBN Laboratories Inc.
10 Moulton St.
Cambridge, MA 02238

The NNSC info-server utility can also automatically e-mail you a copy of this list and other documents.   Simply send an e-mail message to: info-server@nnsc.nsf.net

with the following text in the body:

request:  nsfnet
topic:  <topic-here>
topic:  <topic-here>
request:  end

You don't need to put anything in the subject line.

"referral-list" gets you the NNSC's referral list of Internet Service Providers based in the U.S.  (possibly providing international service). This is generally agreed to be the most comprehensive and least-biased list. "limited-referral" gets you the NNSC's referral list of Internet providers for "limited service," which includes Dial-Up IP, Internet E-mail.

"help" (recommended) gets you the Help document for the info-server facility.

For a list of dial-up-accessible Public-Access Internet Hosts (Unix BBSs that can do telnet, ftp, etc., that can you can access by calling from your PC and modem), see the PDIAL list, maintained by Peter Kaminski. Kaminski periodically posts an updated version to the usenet groups alt.bbs.lists and alt.bbs.internet; also, the most recent edition may be obtained by sending e-mail to: kaminski@netcom.com
with the `Send PDIAL' in the subject.   To be placed on a list to receive future editions automatically, send e-mail to:
kaminski@netcom.com with `Subscribe PDIAL' in the subject.