New Lists and List Changes

Surfing the INTERNET

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New lists are being started every day, and old ones fade away.
To find out bout these changes, join the NEW-LIST mailing.
  Here is part of their Welcome message:

"The `NEW-LIST' list has been established as a central address to post announcements of new public mailing lists.  In addition, `NEW-LIST' might be used as a final verification before establishing a list (to check for existing lists on the same topic, etc.).  However, be sure to check sources
such as the Internet List-of-Lists (SIGLIST or INTEREST-GROUPS list), LISTSERV GROUPS, and the LISTS database on the major LISTSERVs (we have the LISTS database on NDSUVM1)."

"We will gladly rebroadcast New List announcements, final list proposals (to avoid conflicts or redundancy), or emergency announcements about the availability of some list.