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Surfing the INTERNET

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Must-have Books for the Internet Surfer

Kehoe, Brendan.  (1993).  Zen and the Art of the Internet:  a Beginner's Guide (2nd ed.).  Englewood Cliffs, NJ:  Prentice-Hall.   The first edition is available for free from many FTP sites (see below) This version has about 30 pages of new material and corrects various minor errors in the first edition.  Includes the story of the Coke Machine on the Internet.  For much of late 1991 and the first half of 1992, this was the document of choice for learning about the Internet.   ISBN 0-13-010778-6.  Index.  $22.00

To ftp Zen 1.0 in a PostScript version: [] directory /inet/doc [] directory /pub/zen [] directory /pub/zen as zen-1.0.tar.Z, zen-1.0.dvi, and zen-1.0.PS [] directory /pub/nic as zen-1.0.PS
It is also available to read on many Gopher servers.

Krol, Ed.  (1992).  The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog.  Sebastopol, CA:  O'Reilly & Associates.   Comprehensive guide to how the network works, the domain name system, acceptable use, security, and other issues.
Chapters on telnet/remote login, File Transfer Protocol, and electronic mail explain error messages, special situations, and other arcana.  Archie, Gopher, Net News, WAIS, WWW, and troubleshooting each enjoy a chapter in this well-written book.   Appendices contain info on how to get connected in
addition to a glossary.  ISBN 1-56592-025-2.  $24.95

LaQuey, Tracey, & Ryer, J.C. (1993).  The Internet Companion:  a Beginner's Guide to Global Networking.  Reading, MA:  Addison-Wesley. Beginning with a forewordby Vice-President Elect Al Gore, this book provides an often-humorous explanation of the origins of the Internet,
acceptable use, basics of electronic mail, netiquette, online resources, transferring information, and finding email addresses.   The In the Know guide provides background on Internet legends (Elvis sightings is one), organizations, security issues, and how to get connected.  Bibliography.
Index.  ISBN 0-201-62224-6 $10.95

Marine, April.  (1992).  INTERNET:  Getting Started..  Menlo Park, CA:  SRI International.   This book has an international overview, and includes things the others don't, such as an index to all the RFC's (Request for Comments), Internet organizations, source information for the TCP/IP CD ROM, and
the answer to "who is in charge of the Internet?" (No one is.  The Internet s a cooperating group of independently administered networks.  Some groups set basic policy though.) ISBN 0-944604-15-3 $39.00
333 Ravenswood Ave.
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Tennant, Roy, Ober, J., & Lipow, A.  G.  (1993).  Crossing the Internet Threshold:  An Instructional Handbook.  Berkeley, CA:  Library Solutions Press.   A cookbook to run your own Internet training sessions.  Real- world examples.  Foreword by Cliff Lynch.  ISBN:  1-882208-01-3 $45.00
Library Solutions Institute and Press
2137 Oregon Street Berkeley, CA 94705
510/841-2636  FAX:  510/841-2926