Mining the Internet

Surfing the INTERNET

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The Net as mine metaphor is a popular theme.  Tunneling through the network matrix in search of gems and ore is not far from fact. Sometimes it is hard work, and a lot of it is working in the dark.

There is a guidebook called "Mining the Internet", available from University of California at Davis.  Here is how the Gold Country Mining

Instructions begin:
"Jist durn tuckered o' workin' eight t' five for a salary.  ain't you? An' you wanna set out for parts unknown.  You're hankerin' for an a'venture. Come'n then go `Mining the Internet'  with me, father of Clementine (that's my darlin'), and I'll tell you some old timey tales and introduce you to a new resource for students, faculty, and staff called wide area networking 'Taint goin' to hurt you any, and the prospect looks good for a lucky strike."

"Mining the Internet" and "Using the Internet A&B" available from:
Computing Services
University of California
Davis, CA 95616-8563
Or electronically by anonymous ftp from (
directory /ucd.netdocs/mining