Surfing the INTERNET

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Today I'll travel to Minnesota, Texas, California, Cleveland, New Zealand, Sweden, and England.  I'm not frantically packing, and I won't pick up any frequent flyer mileage.  In fact, I'm sipping cocoa at my Macintosh. My trips will be electronic, using the computer on my desk, communications
software, a modem, and a standard phone line.

I'll be using the Internet, the global network of computers and their interconnections, which lets me skip like a stone across oceans and continents and control computers at remote sites.  I haven't "visited" Antarctica yet, but it is only a matter of time before a host computer becomes available there!

This short, non-technical article is an introduction to Internet
communications and how librarians and libraries can benefit from net connectivity.  Following will be descriptions of electronic mail, discussion lists, electronic journals and texts, and resources available to those willing to explore.  Historical details about the building of the Internet and technical details regarding network speed and bandwidth are outside the scope of this piece.