Internet Library Guides

Surfing the INTERNET

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Three different Internet library guides are available to help both beginning and experienced OPAC users.

Art St. George's Internet-Accessible Library Catalogs and Databases includes directions for Internet libraries and Campus Wide Information Systems as well as dialup libraries and bulletin boards in the United States.
Available from:

Billy Barron's Accessing On-line Bibliographic Databases contains a number of useful features such as guides to local OPAC escape sequences and commands.   FTP to

Dana Noonan's A Guide to Internet/Bitnet comes in two parts.  Part two is about Internet Libraries.  It is an easy to use guide to many national and international OPACS and their login and use instructions.  (available via anonymous ftp from then CD NNEWS  (although nnews may not
show up on the directory menu, it works.)  A printed version is available for $10 from Metronet.   For more information:
226 Metro Square Building
Seventh and Robert Streets
St.  Paul, Minnesota 55101
612/224-4801 FAX 612/224-4827