Incomplete Guide to the Internet

Surfing the INTERNET

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The "Incomplete Guide" was compiled by the NCSA Education Group, dated September, 1992.  It is also available for anonymous FTP at: in the /misc directory

This excellent manual is a must. It even covers SLIP connections and use of Eudora.

Here are some comments about it from cfarmer@ncsa.uiuc.EDU (Chuck Farmer): "The first half of the text is devoted to the mechanics of telecommunications, how to connect, what to do once you are connected, etc.  The second half of the manual is devoted to current telecommunications projects, past successful projects, and resources.  The resources include FTP sites, open BBS's and
networks, Free-Nets, subscription services, and where to get more information on each resource.  This resource was complied by the Living Lab program NSF funded) at NCSA as an attempt to encourage the proliferation of HPCC use in the K-12 classroom.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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