Surfing the INTERNET

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Peter Scott, the creator of HYTELNET, sends this recent update: "HYTELNET version 6.3, the utility which gives an IBM-PC user instant-access to all Internetaccessible library catalogs, FREE-NETS, CWISs, BBSs, Gophers, WAIS, etc.  is now available.  You can get it via anonymous ftp from:  access.usask.ca in the pub/hytelnet/pc subdirectory.  It is
listed as HYTELN63.ZIP."

"Version 6.3 is a major upgrade.  Much redundant information has been deleted, and errors have been corrected.  New subdirectories have been added, which has meant that many files now have a more meaningful home. Also all the new/updated files created since Version 6.2 were incorporated."

"Note:  the UNZIPPED files total over 1.2 mb but remember, you can always edit out any information you do not need, in order to save space. Information from Roy Tennant follows, slightly edited, describing how to obtain HYTELNET 6.3 from the ftp site (thanks Roy)::"

At your system prompt, enter:
ftp access.usask.ca or ftp
When you receive the Name prompt, enter:  anonymous
When you receive the password prompt, enter: your Internet address. When you are at the ftp> prompt, enter:  binary
At the next ftp> prompt, enter:   cd pub/hytelnet/pc
Then enter:  get hyteln63.zip

After the transfer has occurred, either proceed with the instructions below to retrieve the UNZIP utility (which you need unless you already have it) or enter:  quit

The Hytelnet program is archived using a ZIP utility.  To unarchive it, you must be able to "unzip" the file.   If you have the file PKUNZIP.EXE, it will unarchive the HYTELN63.ZIP file (see below for instructions). If you do not have it, you may retrieve it by following these instructions:

Use the above instructions for connecting to:
access.usask.ca At the ftp> prompt, enter:  binary
Then enter:  cd pub/hytelnet/pc
Then enter:  get pkunzip.exe
After the transfer has occurred, enter:  quit

Because of the plethora of PC communications programs, I will not attempt to give step-by-step instructions here.  You should check the instructions for your software for downloading a *binary* file from your Internet account
to your PC.

Make a new directory on your hard disk (e.g., mkdir hytelnet) Copy PKUNZIP.EXE and HYTELN63.ZIP into the new directory Make sure you are in that directory, then enter:  pkunzip HYTELN63 It will then unarchive HYTELN63.ZIP, which contains the following files:  HYTELNET.ZIP READNOW.  The file READNOW gives full instructions for un-archiving
HYTELNET.ZIP.   Simply put, you **MUST** unZIP the file with the -d parameter so that all the subdirectories will be recursed.

To use HYTELNET, you should refer to the instructions in the release announcement by Peter Scott, or to the README file included with the package."

"PLEASE NOTE that I offer the above instructions as a service for those who are unfamiliar with the steps required to download and use files from network sources.   I cannot be responsible for any local variations in these procedures which may exist.   Please contact your local computer support
staff if you have difficulty performing these tasks."

"The UNIX/VMS version, created by Earl Fogel, is available for browsing by telnet to access.usask.ca   login with   hytelnet (lower case). For more information on this version contact Earl at:  fogel@skyfox.usask.ca."