Surfing the INTERNET

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Peter Deutsch, of McGill's Computing Centre, describes the archie server concept, which allows users to ask a question once yet search many different hosts for files of interest.

"The archie service is a collection of resource discovery tools that together provide an electronic directory service for locating information in an Internet environment.  Originally created to track the contents of anonymous ftp archive sites, the archie service is now being expanded to include a variety of other online directories and resource listings."

"Currently, archie tracks the contents of over 800 anonymous FTP archive sites containing some 1,000,000 files throughout the Internet.  Collectively, these files represent well over 50 Gigabytes (50,000,000,000 bytes) of information, with additional information being added daily.  Anonymous ftp
archive sites offer software, data and other information which can be copied and used without charge by anyone with connection to the Internet."

"The archie server automatically updates the listing information from each site about once a month, ensuring users that the information they receive is reasonably timely, without imposing an undue load on the archive sites or network bandwidth."

Unfortunately the archie server at McGill is currently out of service.
Other sites are: (USA [NY]) (USA [NJ]) (USA [MD]) (Finland/Mainland Europe) (Australia/New Zealand) (Great Britain/Ireland)

More information avaiable from: 
UNIX Support Group
Computing Centre
McGill University
Room 200
Burnside Hall
805 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec CANADA H3A 2K6