Welcome to the New York State Council of Churches.

We are a council, a collaboration, and a conscience shared by Christian denominations of many types.  We welcome your involvement.

We covenant to care for one another, safeguard the presence of a vital Christian faith community in each place, provide hospitality to all, proclaim the Gospel boldly in each place, and declare God’s just will among the powers and principalities. 

Our mission goals focus on social justice, institutional pastoral care, and ecumenical cooperation in education, worship, and action. 


On May 18 at 5:30 PM, Moral Mondays returns to the New York State Capitol in partnership with the NY Paid Leave Coalition. Join faith, labor and community leaders in calling for paid family leave as part of our larger morally grounded policy agenda, including living wages, fair taxation, racial justice, a strong social safety net, and quality public education.

What: Vigil and rally
When: May 18, 5:30 pm
Where: War Room, 2nd floor, New York State Capitol
Who: All people of conscience!
Why: As poverty and inequality in our state grow, faith, labor and community are coming together to call for a New York that puts people first.

For more information contact Emily McNeill at emcneill@labor-religion.or
g or Blue Carreker at bcarreker@citizenactionny.org.

As of 2013, both parents work in nearly 60% of two parent families. For single parent families, that percentage increases to 75%. The majority of working parents also anticipate needing to provide care for elderly family members. These trends will continue to grow and workplaces must adapt.

Paid family leave enables workers to take the time they need to better care for new children and for seriously ill family members. It enables men to increase participation in infant and family care. And it contributes to job retention and long term economic stability.

If you've never been involved in advocacy work before this is a great way to get a feel for putting your faith in action in the political arena. Please join us.

New Video Series for Congregational Study and Discernment on Gun Violence in the US

The New York State Council of Churches is pleased to offer a new series of 4 videos to facilitate congregational discussion and discernment on the issue of gun violence. In each of the 4 videos, Our Director of Social Witness, the Rev. Brooke Newell, leads reflections on various aspects of gun violence through the lenses of Scripture, Christian Tradition, statistics surrounding gun ownership and gun violence, and an Albany area "person in the pew" who tells her story.

The 4-video series and other resources are free for congregational and personal use.