Welcome to the New York State Council of Churches.

We are a council, a collaboration, and a conscience shared by Christian denominations of many types.  We welcome your involvement.

We covenant to care for one another, safeguard the presence of a vital Christian faith community in each place, provide hospitality to all, proclaim the Gospel boldly in each place, and declare God’s just will among the powers and principalities. 

Our mission goals focus on social justice, institutional pastoral care, and ecumenical cooperation in education, worship, and action. 

Faith and Hunger Event - April 11, 2015


As a person of faith you have the opportunity to share in advocacy efforts every Monday through the end of March as we encourage our elected officials to pass a moral budget which addresses the needs of all New Yorkers.  Every Monday people of all faith backgrounds gather together in the War Room at the State Capitol Building (Albany) and spend 20 minutes to half an hour in quiet prayer and contemplation.  This is not a protest.  It is a gathering in which we let our elected officials know that we are praying for them, for God's guidance in their work as they make difficult decisions, and for open hearts and minds as they look at things from a moral rather than a political point of view. We also pray for those doing advocacy work that they might find strength, promise, and hope as they work for justice in New York State.

 No reservations are needed.  We meet at 12:00 noon on Mondays at the State Capitol.  If you would like more information about Moral Monday events, please contact the Rev. Dr. Paula J. Gravelle, Executive Director of the New York State Council of Churches (pgravelle@nyscoc.org or at 518-436-9319)

 If you've never been involved in advocacy work before this is a great way to get a feel for putting your faith in action in the political arena. Please join us.

New Video Series for Congregational Study and Discernment on Gun Violence in the US

The New York State Council of Churches is pleased to offer a new series of 4 videos to facilitate congregational discussion and discernment on the issue of gun violence. In each of the 4 videos, Our Director of Social Witness, the Rev. Brooke Newell, leads reflections on various aspects of gun violence through the lenses of Scripture, Christian Tradition, statistics surrounding gun ownership and gun violence, and an Albany area "person in the pew" who tells her story.

The 4-video series and other resources are free for congregational and personal use.

NYSCC Advocates for Parole Reform

The New York State Council of Churches helped support an initiative of the NY Prison Action Network to bring public awareness to Parole Reform Legislation. 

NYSCC Partners with "Moral Monday" Advocates at the State Capitol

Prayer Sessions during state budget deliberations. Check out the coverage by the Legislative Gazette and see Rev. Gravelle's Op-Ed in the Albany Times Union.

Other NYSCC News

The Rev. Robert White featured in "Faith and Fracking"