CLASS I-4 4-6-2

Class I-4 consisted of fifty pacifics built by Schenectady in 1916.  Several modifications were made over the years and subclasses ranging from I-4-a to I-4-f were used to indicate feedwater heaters, improved superheaters, etc.  A individual I-4 may have had a number of subclassifications during its life.
A new I-4 with an original oil headlight at South Station Boston.
1396 receiving finishing touches after Readville shopping.  Headlight is new but otherwise unmodified.
Unidentified !-4 unmodified except for headlight.  Solid train of express cars.
1362 arriving at Back Bay, Boston with the "New England Express" on June 14, 1925.
 1352 leaving the Canton Viaduct westbound by H.W.Pontin.  Feedwater heater and top mounted air tanks are in the future.
1356 at Readville with new Elesco feedwater heater but air tanks remain below.
1399 at New Haven in July 1921.  Note the blank tender.
 1389 still has the air tanks mounted on the frame.  1927 Photo by H.W.Pontin.
Said to be the Boston section of the "20th Century Ltd." near Auburn, MA on the N&W detouring because of floods on the B&A. 
1350 has top mounted air tanks but lacks a feedwater heater.  Clarendon Hills c. 1928.
1375 retains an original spoked pony wheel and still lacks a smoke deflector in front of the air tanks.  Springfield, MA. 
 1370 has a Bean cast steel smokebox.
1359 has Vanderbuilt tender in Boston May 20,1933.  William Monypenny photo.
1380 with a long tender.
1384 with a long tender at the Cedar Hill coaling tower.
 1392 with the old design feedwater pump but with a large tender..
 1369 has a train stop control box mounted far forward with another behind.  Some had control boxes for both the Shoreline and Hartford routes.
1399 has a box-type hatch used to acess the Type E superheater, and a tender with a raised coal bunker from a 2-8-2.
Boston September 20, 1947.
 1364 with "The Bostonian" near Branford Feruary 18,1939.
1355 eastbound at Roxbury, MA January 24, 1926.
The famous H.W.Pontin photo of 1355 at Mt. Hope near Boston. 
1356 on "The Mayflower" on Sharon Hill 1926 by H. W. Pontin.
 1357 with an extra.  Long tender.
The running board sign shows this is the retirement run of engineer George Benard after 55 years of service.
The train is "The Senator" at South Station, Boston in 1934.  H.W.Pontin photo.
1359 near Branford, CT with Train 400, a Saturday local to Providence, February 18, 1939.
 1370 on the Canton Viaduct with the "Yankee Clipper" on March 27, 1930.
1371 powering a fan trip visiting Cedar Hill.
1372 near Hyannis on Cape Cod in 1939.
 1385 eastbound near Northford, CT March 1940.
 1388 with "The Federal Express" near Boston.
1391 waiting for the "East Wind" at Worcester June 23, 1940.  Note the "YC" (Yankee Clipper) on the cylinder head.
1393, in the classic 1-4 configuration, at South Station by Phil. H. Bonnet.
"The Knickerbocker" at Roxbury March 13, 1926.
An I-4 helping an R-1-b 4-8-2 at Springfield, MA in 1947.
I-4's on freight trains were unusual but the Hudsons and Diesels had eliminated most I-4 assignments by this time.
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