Mecklenburg County Council's 

National Youth Leader Training
Course # S5-NYLT-415-15
June 22-27, 2015

Belk Scout Camp

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The Declaration of our Youth Staff Vision

We the youth staff of N.Y.L.T, on the date of January twenty-third of the year of two-thousand and fifteen, 
here do solemnly swear, that we will develop as a youth-led well-oiled machine and shall work to provide
an educational environment for the participants of the upcoming course.
We shall prepare our presentations to the utmost perfection and will work to understand the importance of time management,
servant leadership and creating everlasting memories.
We will also work to develop the scout spirit of all individuals via singing songs and engaging in scout fellowship.


We mutually pledge to each other to hold one another accountable in developing the future of
Mecklenburg County Council and of this twenty-fifteen N.Y.L.T Course.