Welcome New York volunteers!

This project is part of an AALL Government Relations advocacy effort to ensure that the public have free, permanent public access to authentic online legal information on government Web sites. It is AALL policy that government information, including primary legal materials, must be in the public domain and available without restriction.   

Working groups of volunteers have been established in each state to inventory primary legal resources at the state, county and municipal levels of government.  A spreadsheet has been established for each state using GoogleDocs; anyone can see the spreadsheet, but only the designated state coordinator may edit it.  There is an easy entry form for anyone wishing to add information.  See below for links. 

The goal is to complete the collection of information by the end of June, 2011.  We've made a good start, but welcome anyone wishing to help.  Even just a few entries will be appreciated--it's a big state, with a lot of counties and several major municipalities.

Learn More

LLAGNY/AALL Webinar (Feb.  7, 2011)  & Accompanying Slides (links coming soon!)


Check out these links:

AALL Government Relations State Working Groups Project information

AALL Webinar from October, 2010 (available to AALL members only) & Accompanying Slides

Join our Working Group

Contact the New York Working Group Coordinator, Debbie Melnick, Principal Law Librarian, Civil Court of the City of New York, at dmelnick@courts.state.ny.us.

You will be added to the NYS Working Group Google Group, which allows us to share information and discuss issues that come up as we work on entries.  We also meet periodically by teleconference to answer questions, avoid duplication, encourage consistent entries and set goals.


Use these links:    

Submit a State entry        Submit a County entry        Submit a Municipal entry

New York Legal Inventory Spreadsheets (view only): 

State   County    Municipality

NYS Working Group GoogleGroup