Careers Talk

In Spring of 2013, I created a seminar series titled "Careers for Astronomy PhDs."  I came up with the idea for this seminar series with the help of some colleagues in our student-only extragalactic journal club, but really got motivated to do it while participating in the class Oceanography 750: Professional Development Skills and Training.  The motivation for this series is that there's not much (organized) information out there for astronomy grad students (and post-docs) about career opportunities outside of the traditional research path of post-docs followed by tenured track faculty.  This is unfortunate because the sad reality is that there simply aren't enough faculty positions available for everyone who gets an astronomy PhD, which means a large fraction of students may never get that job at the end of the tunnel.  In addition, there are some wonderful
careers available outside of the research track, and the best way to deal with the overabundance of graduate students is to encourage astronomy graduate students to branch out into other career paths.

After doing much of my own research on this subject, I decided to share this information with the students and post-docs at the IfA, and now hopefully to any other interested parties.  The information for these talks all come from either my own personal knowledge, the internet, or informational interviews that I conducted (with 15 people).  Each talk also generally contains a section on some sort of professional development: networking, CV/resumes, teaching statements, or interviewing, and most of this information I got from the course OCN 750 that I was taking in parallel.  Please take some time to look around, and if you would like to use any slides from the talks, I only ask that you give correct citations to myself and to any people that I have cited taking information from.