Nyland in a Nutshell

A Guide to Living in Our Community

We are Colorado's oldest and largest cohousing community, with about 135 residents in 42 homes. Nyland Cohousing started with a group of like-minded people seeking another way of living.  Familiar with the Danish concept of cohousing, they were searching for land on which to build their community. Coincidentally, Fred and Irene Nyland, a couple of Scandinavian descent, happened to be selling their farm in East Boulder County. The group of budding cohousers were able to fulfill their vision of living together on this "new land" (the translation of "Nyland" from Norwegian), and the community was born in 1992.

Legally we are a standard condominium association, but in spirit we are a vibrant community. Residents here are both homeowners and renters, and have varied backgrounds, careers, ages (infants to 80+), and views. Yet we all share the same desire to live near neighbors we know in a small neighborhood. You’ll soon know your neighbors as well as your extended family. And just like a family, many of them you’ll adore and a few will occasionally rub you wrong. But we all work together to make Nyland a wonderful place to live. We offer each other support and friendship, while respecting each other's needs for privacy. Our common vision is a physically and emotionally safe community where children play on the pedways, neighbors lend each other a hand, and nature coexists peacefully in our open spaces.

This Welcome Brochure is meant to provide a quick-access summary of up-to-date and orienting information for existing, incoming, and prospective residents of Nyland. The electronic version is accessible through Nyland's main website, and includes links to more detailed information available there (residents must log in to the main website to access some of the information referenced through links in this brochure).  

Nyland's main website can be found at www.nylandcohousing.org. To request a login, please send a message to the webmaster via the Contact Us page. In your message, please include your name, email address, and house address. At the website, a welcome page full of commonly asked questions (and answers) is available at the "Newcomer's Welcome" tab.  For "nuts and bolts" info not found in this brochure, visit the "Information" tab.

This version of Nyland in a Nutshell was published January 1, 2014, and is located online at https://sites.google.com/site/nylandwiki.  It is formally updated each year.