Student Outcomes for EDIT 620 

Nicole Dagro

New York Institute of Technology

My E-Portfolio created in EDIT 620 Role of the Computer Coordinator

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Student Resources



Student Outcomes for EDIT 620


View flyer for EDIT 620 created by Nicole Dagro


Over the course of the semester we will have created...


  - e-portfolios (our websites)


  - persuasive and instructional videos supporting technology


  - a school technology plan


  - field experience projects


  - video production projects


   And so much more... 

For us, these outcomes will provide...

  - An electronic  portfolio in which we can show prospective employers our abilities and accomplishments


  - An avenue in which to create and provide resources for districts, schools, teacher, and students


  - The knowledge and skills we need to be successful as future coordinators


  - The ability to create meaningful and effective products from scratch 


  - The characteristics of an affective collaborator


Evidence of Student Outcomes






    Persuasive and Instructional Videos Supporting Technology


Sample Videos

Diedre's Video



Mike's Video




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