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Student Resources



As a future technology coordinator, I have researched resources for students that I would like to share. I may have looked online, in publications or obtained the information from colleagues.  Below find links to websites for students which can help them with test preparation, finding resources, or other sources.  Each link has a short discription.  Enjoy!


Links and Descriptions

This site is great for any Social Studies class.  Students can log on and type in the topic they want to explore in the search box.  The resources that will come up from the search will include all types of things from videos, to articles, to interactive maps.  Need a little extra help in your Social Studies class?  Click here and explore!

Everywhere you turn there is more news on the upcoming 2008 presidential election.  It is important that students stay updated on the election and aware of the candidate’s positions on issues so that they may become informed and active citizens.  This site condenses all the candidates and their stances on certain issues into an easy-to-read table.  Click here and stay updated!

Have a regents exam coming up in the near future?  Visit this website and then click on the subject area of your choice.  You will be brought to a page that summarizes all the important information you need to know for that regents.

This is the website to a local library.  If you google your town, you can find their local website also.  Click on the website library and explore all the resources they offer from the comfort of your own home.  This particular library lets you explore their catalog of books, podcasts they offer with an ipod shuffle, and much more.

Who didn’t love watching Bill Nye the Science Guy as a kid.  Now you can work with him at home.  His site offers great videos and safe experiments you can conduct in your own home to continue your science lesson from school.

This website offers instructions on many math topics.  Simply click on the math topic you wish to explore and you are brought to more information on that topic.

Many schools have an account to this website.  This website offers many short tutorials in all subject areas.  They are great to view to reinforce topics you learn in school.  Choose the topic and then view.  If your school does not have an account, there are many free tutorials you can view explore.