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My philosophy of teaching is one that is individualized to each and every student.  Of course the overall goal is to enlighten people and make them better human beings, but for each student, there is a unique method used, approach taken or style designed in order to get through to that individual.  What might work to stimulate one person might not stimulate another.  My goal as teacher is to make a connection with each student in order to get him or her excited about any particular subject we might be coming across and to learn to appreciate all that life has to offer. 

Having a broad knowledge base is important in this endeavor.  It will allow me to effectively engage in this type of communication that is so very important in a teacher/student relationship.  Being knowledgeable in many different subjects allows me to discuss a certain topic from different directions allowing all angles of recognition to help the student associate with both the subject and myself.  As in any relationship, honesty always rings true and helps the students hear and trust the words through which I am trying to reach them.

I will take a number of approaches throughout my curriculum, to engage the students in the world of art and technology.  The standards, content, technique and skill of art and technology will be covered as well as problem solving, personal and social development through art.  All to foster the acceptance of art and technology as a subject during their school lives, as well as an appreciation of art/tech throughout their lives in general.

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