Michael Passuello

My E-Portfolio created in EDIT 620 Role of the Computer Coordinator


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NYIT "Logical" Project

A project designed by Prof. Stein at NYIT.  The objective was to create a movie to inspire
"Support in Education" it is published on TeacherTube .



Architectural Drawing Class Tutorial

This is a Teacher Tube movie that is used in my Architectural Drawing
class as a reference for commonly used functions in our ChiefArchitect CAD program.



"A Look at the Levitts"

This is a Teacher Tube movie I created for my Architectural Drawing Class. 
It is a brief history of the Levitt houses and how they revolutionized the construction industry.



Demo Reel

Works completed while employed at an advanced technology studio of a video game publisher.



Basketball Hero

This is a YouTube movie that is one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen.  
It completely justifies the entire idea behind technology in schools from start to finish. 
Without this being filmed and posted to the world so everyone could view, it would not have had such an imact,
even to those who do not know him.