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This comprehensive website helps teachers use the internet effectively.

Links to K to 12 resources and interactive activities for all subjects.

Information and lessons for differentiated instruction, virtual field trips, and technology integrated lessons

as well as project ideas, teacher tools, and assistive technology resources.

    Global Classroom

Interactive Resources for all subjects, all grades


                                                                    Review Sites                                                 

           Play a Game to Review!smile                                                                                     

QUIA - Quintessential Instructional Archive -contains hundreds of  online activies and games, plus templates  for creating your own online activities. A sign-in is required, but worth it. 



Regents Review


Oswego City School District provides a valuable resource to help  high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. This comprehensive site contains topic reviews and related quizzes.



 Science Review Games

                            Answer science questions correctly for a chance to play deal or no deal, score a soccer goal, or shoot a basketball into a hoop.

Elementary Math Interactives

Hosted by an Arizona school district, this site has many interactive activities to keep

students on target with math skills. 




                                 Other Interest-Grabbing Sites                                 

   Interactive site that uses visual and audio support to teach children, pre-K to second grade to read.  Quite colorful and appealing. 

Looking for maps and geographic information about the United States? Find a map maker, daynamic maps, and simple prepared maps ready for printing.


                                                  Perform virtual knee or hip surgery.

 The WHY Files  

Find out the science behind the news, plus virtual science interactives allow users to control a tornado, play with lightning, and more.



    Improve Literacy with engaging content-rich material from the following sites...  

Time for Kids            Highlights Kids   

Scholastic Kids       National Geographic Kids       Science News for Kids         

How Stuff Works            New York Times Learning Network 


National Gallery of Art Kids

Create interactive art while learning.




Classics for Kids

Links to classical music, arts, and kid-friendly websites. Check out the Carnegie Hall site.

Learn Listening Online

An interactive site for students to improve listening skills. (Scottish  music)