Gina Marandino 


Here are my favorite online resources for students. 

Math Websites

Teach Multiplication Facts

This site contains many resources for learning about Multiplication.  For students there are lessons and games related to multiplication.  For teachers and parents there are teaching strategies, activities, and printable resources such as worksheets and flashcards.


Project Interactive

This website has many math lessons with interactive activities.  Using JAVA applets students can explore math concepts.  It is separated by elementary and secondary math and broken down into topics such as—number and operation concepts, geometry and measurement concepts, function and algebra concepts, probability and data analysis concepts.


A+ Math

This website has different games, worksheets and flashcards for a variety of math topics.  It even has a homework helper where students can check the answers they put on their homework to see if they are correct.



This is a very motivating website.  Students learn how to manage money by engaging in various interactive activities.  One activity requires them to get a job and calculate their salary on the job and their expenses on the job to find their annual net income.  Other activities teach them about managing money and the education they would need to have certain jobs.



Science Websites


BBC School Physical Processes

This website has interactive activities that students can engage in.  Try the magnet activity where you have to see what attracts and repels to a magnet.  Also try the circuit activity where you have to change different elements of a circuit.


Ippex Online – Electricity and Magnetism

This website has an interactive lesson about electricity and magnetism.  Students read information, watch animations, and engage in simulations as they learn about electricity and magnetism.



Butterfly Lifecycle

This website has a webquest about butterflies.



Cool Science for Curious Kids

This website has interactive activities and quizzes that teach students about different science concepts.


Science Monster

This website lets students explore the solar system.  There is information and activities related to each planet.



Language Arts Websites



This website has lessons for teachers and interactivites for students all related to language arts concepts.



This website has activities for students who are learning to read.  There are phonics games as well as audio books.


Tumble Books

This resource can be found on the New York Public Library Kids Page.  It contains digital books that kids can read and watch. 


BBC - Schools

This website has fun phonics games for students to practice different concepts.


Social Studies Websites


Ease History

This website which is created by a Professor at NYIT lets students explore American History through images and videos.


Welcome to Washington D.C. for Kids

This website gives information about Washington D.C. as well as games related to Washington D.C. and the United States.


Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

This website is broken down by grade level and gives information about different aspects of the United States such as, government, how laws are made, and citizenship.  It also has games that students can play.



This website has interactive activities for students as well as printable maps that they can use to help them study.