Gina Marandino

The math train videos have been created by students to teach other students. I have used these videos for my thesis. This video was created by a 6th grade student to teach others about order of operations. To see more mathtrain videos search on teachertube, or click here to visit the mathtrain website created by a middle school math teacher.

Also look for the mathtrain podcast on iTunes.

This is my video about how to create an animation using PowerPoint. Students can create animations to teach their classmates something.  I see more of my videos go to www.ginamarandino.com or ginamarandino.webhop.org

or e-mail me gmarandi@nyit.edu


This video shows hoe to collaborate on Google Docs.  It is very helpful for students who are taking online courses or students who have to work on a group project.  They can work together without having to meet.