Mission Statement 


The future needs thinkers, people who can create things and solve problems with unique and innovative ideas.  As educators it is our goal to give students the tools they need to think for themselves.  Instead of feeding them with information, we should let them explore the information for themselves and act as facilitators of knowledge rather than providers of knowledge.  Technology can help in this quest.  It gives students the opportunity to find information for themselves, but more importantly it gives them the opportunity to create the information.  Imagine walking into a classroom and seeing students on a computer creating a web page that teaches others students about the water cycle.  Imagine seeing students in front of a screen presenting the animation that they created to teach their peers how to multiply fractions. Imagine a child with dyslexia producing a creative writing piece with little struggle.  It is possible and it could be the reality in the future, but it will only happen with the right support for students and teachers.  It is the responsibility of the technology coordinator to make the integration of technology as effortless as possible.  To do this they must research different technologies to find which will be most appropriate for the school or district they are working for.  The coordinator should consider the classroom size to decide if schools should have computers in the classroom, laptop carts, or computer labs.  They should also see if the district can invest in other technologies, such as Smart Boards and iPods to enhance the learning experience.  Assessing the needs of students with disabilities is important to see if the use of assistive technologies is necessary.  Technology coordinators should also find educational resources that fit with the curriculum that is being taught in every grade level.  These resources should be made available so that teachers can access them at any time.  This could be accomplished by creating a website with links to appropriate resources arraigned by grade level and subject area. Aside from providing resources for teachers the coordinator should train teachers to show how to use the technologies that are available.  Teachers should be provided with staff development sessions as well as one on one sessions to learn how to use the technologies in the school.  They should also be given training manuals that they can access through the computer in the form of paper or video.  If everyone in the school has the same mission in mind then technology can easily be integrated into the learning environment and we really will develop students who create their own image.