Instructional Videos

Gina Marandino 

Below are some  instructional videos that I have created as well as some of my favorite videos that others have created.  All of these videos can also be found on TeacherTube  or YouTube 
As I continue to come accross exceptional videos I will post them here.

Videos I have Created

This video shows how students who are taking online courses can use Wikis to collaborate on projects.

This video uses cartoons and a catchy tune to explain the phonics rule that when two vowels are next to each other in a word you only hear the sound of the first vowel.

I created this video with my classates, Deirdre Dhoerty, LaurieBobley, Marianne Demarco, Pattie Cittadino, and Julie Frieman.  This video shows the benefits of technology in education.  We are presenting this video at the NYSCATE Metro Conference on May 17, 2008.

To look for a teaching position on Long Island you can go to  Once you are there you click on

Long Island.  Before you search you must complete an extensive application.  After the application is

complete you can click on the apply for a job link.  You can search for jobs by keyword or by district

       If you find a job you want to search for then check the box next to the job title and click the button

that says apply for a job.  To see more watch the video below.

This is my video about how to create an animation using PowerPoint. Students can create animations to teach their classmates something. I see more of my videos go to


 My Favorite Videos

I love all of his videos.  I haved used a lot of them in my thesis for the students to watch on their iPods.  This one is an introduction to fractions. 
To see more of his videos search on TeacherTube or click here to visit his website
Video Math Tutor

The math train videos have been created by students to teach other students.  I have also used these videos for my thesis.  This video was created by a 6th grade student to teach others about order of operations.  To see more mathtrain videos search on teachertube, or click here to visit the mathtrain website created by a middle school math teacher.

Also look for the mathtrain podcast on iTunes.

The LearningUpgrade videos are very motivating for students.  When I presented this video to the teachers in the school that I am doing my thesis in they asked me to find more of these videos because they knew thier students would learn from the catchy tunes. This video teaches students about fractions.  To see more learningupgrade videos go to YouTube.