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This is my personal web page. I promise to conform to the NYC IAUP.

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Introduction to My Website

Technology is changing the education field.  I am very passionate about the positive effects that technology can have in today’s schools.  Currently I am completing my graduate degree in Instructional Technology at the New York Institute of Technology.  My computer knowledge includes various computer programs that educators can use to create content for students, and programs that students can use to create projects, gain information, and communicate with other students and teachers.  I have also worked with teachers to help them implement technology into their curriculum. I have worked with classroom teachers in the Massapequa School District to help them find technology resources and showed them how to implement the resources with their students.  Currently I am completing my thesis which involves working with fifth grade teachers in the Amityville School District to implement iPods as a formative assessment tool to help increase students’ scores on the New York State Math assessment.  My knowledge and experiences in technology will enable me to be successful in any school district.  I have created this website showcase some of my technology projects, show work that I am doing in my graduate school program, and explain my technology beliefs.  All of the projects use technology in some capacity.  Some of these projects allow students to interact with technology.  Other projects are resources for teachers, giving them lesson ideas as well as materials that they can access using the Internet. I feel that my knowledge of technology would be an asset to any school district.