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How to Use Webkinz

These videos were created by a second grade student. She used Jing, a new FREE screen capture software from TechSmith



Webkinz Tutorial   Part 1

In this video students learn how to log in to their account and play a Webkinz game to earn coins so they can shop in the Webkinz store.

Webkinz Tutorial    Part 2

In this video students learn how to use the Employment Office. You have to choose a job and play a game to earn coins so you can shop in the Webkinz store.

How to Use Starfall


Learn how to use this FREE interactive multimedia website in this 5 minute tutorial.

How to Use Art, Literacy & Technology in Kindergarten

Kindergarten Video

 Mrs. Doherty's Kindergarten class drew rainbows and wrote about what they would do if they had a rainbow of their own. Their work was photographed and uploaded into Microsoft Photo Story. Background music was added with transitions and student narration. The children have a great time viewing their video on the school website.

 How to Upload to TeacherTube Tutorial

Upload to TeacherTube Video Tutorial 

 This tutorial was made with the SMART recorder feature in Notebook software. I uploaded the video using Jing a FREE image and video capture program from TechSmith. 

 Inspiration for Teaching


Who I Am Makes A Difference

A teacher in NYC decided to honor each of her seniors by telling them the difference

each of them had made.
Story by Helice "Sparky" Bridges

Acknowledgement says: You matter to me and I believe in you. It is a powerful and profoundly easy way to heal our society. It begins with our children, our families and then extends out to the people living and working with us in our community. Acknowledgement is easy to do, and to make a difference we must embrace opportunities life offers us to do so.

 Technology Showcase



 See how these programs (mostly Free) used by students and instructors support/excite education.

 Benefits of Technology in Education  

Technology Benefits Video

Group project on the benefits of Technology in Education

Tutorial on Google Docs

Google Docs Tutorial

Technology is the Door to Our Future

Nicole Dagros Technology Video

Two Vowels Together By Gina Marandino

Two Vowels Together Video

Support Technology Video

"Logical" Video By NYIT Students EDIT 620 


 Inspirational Video About Jason




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