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I believe that each and every member

of our school community has a

 unique vision of what it is

 they want for the future.

We have the ability to create the kind

of learning environment that we want to

work in everyday. I want to create the

 kind of caring, digital community that

 brings people together.


This leaning environment uses technology

 to connect teaching and learning.

This vision connects students

 to knowledge and connects

 teachers to digital communication

using computers and media equipment.

This vision is for the betterment

of teaching and learning.


Electronic media is how teachers

 and students of the 21st century

 communicate ideas and access information.

Technology enables teachers

and students to understand

 this ever-changing world we live in.

 Part of this vision gives a voice

to our personal hopes,

dreams and aspirations.

As the Chinese saying goes,

It is easier to ride the horse

 in the direction it is going.

Technology needs to fit in easily

 and naturally in the classroom.

Teachers need to teach with

 technology and students

 need to learn using it.


Teachers, students,

 parents, administrators

 and community members

 will find excitement as we proceed

 to discover how easily

 technology can integrate

 into teaching and learning.


 My vision is that together,

as a community of teachers

 and learners we can seamlessly

 incorporate digital technology

and bring people together,

 to achieve their

 hopes, dreams and aspirations.








Deirdre Doherty Educational Technology Specialist

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