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EDIT 620 Role of the Computer Coordinator

This is my personal web page. I promise to conform to the NYC IAUP.

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 Field Experience Proposal

I have outlined a proposal for 10 hours of supervised fieldwork for an aspiring Technology Coordinator.  

IAUP Statement

The NYCDOE has guidelines as to what is permitted on a website.  It is very important to know what these rules are and what permissions are needed. For this reason I have read and posted the IAUP from the NYCDOE website.

My Personal Philosophy

I have researched 4 current noteworthy educational philosophers whose views are most similar to mine.

Video Outline

My plans for a video introduction are outlined below. The purpose of this video is to welcome all to my website. I have introduced my vision/philosophy for my technology for either a school or region.


Mrs. Doherty's SMART Board Classroom Newsletter


Here is a classroom newsletter which incorporates technology and shows how literacy is developed for a week of content area instruction in a Kindergarten class.


Faculty Meeting Video Conferencing Presentation


Here is a PowerPoint slideshow on incorporating video conferencing into any curriculum. This can be used to spark interest in using the equipment available in the district. 

Interactive Whiteboards: Inspire and Enhance Teaching and Learning

This PowerPoint slideshow details what researchers are saying about interactive whiteboards.


Picciano and Gura readings


Lesson opening ice breakers. PacMan and Aiplane game all for sheer fun. Enjoy.


Meeting all coursework.

Course Comments

Comments on EDIT 620.


Current issues in technology.

Tech Plan

Design document of technology video for group project.


Benefits of translator tool.


Outline of SMART video

Website Review

Review of two classmate websites

Professional Development One


Professional Development Two

SMART Newsletter

Professional Development Three

Video Conferencing in the classroom

Student Resources

Resource links for students K-12.

Human Resouces NYCBOE

Two resources for landing a job in New York.

Benefits of Technology in Education

Group project video for NYSCATE 2008



Deirdre Doherty Educational Technology Specialist

Please contact me anytime to discuss any of your SMART Board needs at: