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Lessons Using the SMART Board

The link below will take you to the SMART Board website. You can search for a particular lesson that matches your students needs. You will need to download SMART Notebook Software. It's free:-)

SMART Lessons


ELA: Choosing the Right Word K-3 Practice choosing the right word to add to a sentence with this lesson activity that takes advantage of the sound feature.

Math: Learn to Print Numbers K-3 Practice printing numbers.

Science: Where are the Animals? K-3 Describe animals and their habitats.

Social Studies:  Chronological Order Part 1 K-3 Practice putting things into chronological order.

First Grade

ELA: Sorting Long and Short Vowels Categorize words by moving them into either a short or a long vowel group.

Math: Read and Write Numbers In this activity, children recognize numbers and write their corresponding word forms.

Science: What's the Weather? Choose the correct picture to go with the weather outside.

Social Studies: Timeline This interactive activity explores the historical vocabulary associated to the passing of time. Children have to place years in chronological order on the time line. All the dates are associated to grade one students.

Second Grade

ELA: Apostrophes in Action: Students identify and use apostrophe rules for contractions and in singular and plural possessive nouns.

Math: 100 Square Students investigate a 100 square by picking a number and changing its color, and looking for sequences and patterns. Draw on the fixed 100 square with colored pens.

Science: Life Cycles of Plants and Animals Learn that things change over time and find out how both plants and animals change in their life cycles. They will demonstrate what they've learned on a Venn diagram and a t-chart.

Social Studies: Which Region? This activity explores different geographical regions of the world. Children have to identify and describe places according to the region’s weather and landscapes. Children also have to identify where places are located.   

Third Grade

ELA: Sentences Students identify what makes a sentence and improve their own sentence construction.

Math: Fun With Geometric Shapes Students will recognize basic shapes and use geometric terms such as quadrilateral and polygon.

Science: Learning About Simple Machines This is a reinforcement activity for a lesson on simple machines. Students use prior knowledge to distinguish between the six simple machines.

Social Studies: Antartica Students take the information they learn from a slide show on Antarctica and use it to prepare for their own mission to Antarctica.

Fourth Grade




Social Studies 

Fifth Grade




Social Studies 




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