Using Technology in Education

Arthur J. Schnee

New York Institute of Technology

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How to Use Webkinz

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These videos were created by a second grade student. She used Jing, a new FREE screen capture software from TechSmith



Webkinz Tutorial   Part 1

In this video students learn how to log in to their account and play a Webkinz game to earn coins so they can shop in the Webkinz store.

Webkinz Tutorial    Part 2

In this video students learn how to use the Employment Office. You have to choose a job and play a game to earn coins so you can shop in the Webkinz store.

How to Use Starfall


Learn how to use this FREE interactive multimedia website in this 5 minute tutorial.

How to Use Art, Literacy & Technology in Kindergarten

Kindergarten Video

 Mrs. Doherty's Kindergarten class drew rainbows and wrote about what they would do if they had a rainbow of their own. Their work was photographed and uploaded into Microsoft Photo Story. Background music was added with transitions and student narration. The children have a great time viewing their video on the school website.


Instructional Video by Gina Marandino    
This project, which was created with Microsoft PowerPoint, Camtasia Studio, and Gim, is a video that teaches student the phonics rule that when two vowels are next to each other in a word you only hear the sound of the first vowel. Set to the tune of Two Vowels Together A Vowel Rap, by Mark D. Pencil, the content is delivered through animations and a catchy tune.