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Arthur J. Schnee

New York Institute of Technology

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  My Favorite Teacher Videos

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Digital Learner
Pay Attention (Technology)
Perhaps our students are just not listening! Perhaps they learn a new way....with technology. The average student in school answers a question once every 10 hours!
Colors of the Rainbow by Jennifer Lahovitch 
The Matrix - Linear Equations


Digital College Students

College students speak of their experience with technology in their courses.

Circumference -
Order of Operations with Count Calcula
Don Daly went all out in this unforgettable episode.  The rule for Order of Operations, PEMDAS, has been changed to "Please Excuse My Dead Aunt Sally".  Who said teaching Math can't be FUN!
3 steps in education

Using School Lunch to teach Mathematics
Susan Fitzgerald 
Perimeter Math Rap

teachers perimeter, using Rap.

Sorry, but Ms. Burke is not a student of Professor Stein.

Sum of the interior angles of any triangle
Ben Herman illustrates a proof showing these 3 angles add to 180 degrees

Area of a Trapezoid - Mark Harrington
Principles of Mathematics,

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