Educational Technology 
Masters of Science in Instructional Technology

Sarah McPherson, Chair   -     Professor Daniel Stein - Instructor of EDIT 620, Spring 2008

Objective- Viewers to leave energized

OH WOW at whatt can and is being done. Question is my technology plan producing amazing exciting educational results

Leave with a website to help guide lab teachers, general teachers (also to review presentation)

Activites fro Kindergarten to Grad School

Perfect to gaoin Excellent reviews fro Middle State and NYS
Students leave with tech literacy and more content knowledge abilty to THINK, and higher scores.


Exciting things


Googleearth color of the whitehouse roof....ancestral home

Google sketchup

Map Puzzles

Map certificates

3D Dodecahedron

Bedtime Stories

Gee Ma.
Animations at home


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In the News

MIT tech lessons

Edweek Tech with science

< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">Touro College is already doing it

AISS Teach the students and the staff directly

PS101math elssons..elessonsmedia
Microsoft templates.- Another One

Son of Citation -  

The Shot Heard Around the World - Revolutionary War

Brainpop Videos

Panwapa World - created by Seasame Street; learn about cultures from around the world

Digital History

Dr. Suess Goes to War - Political Cartoons from WWII

PBS Kids


Search Ps101web - presentations - Video student outcomes? student videos -professional development...Global cool links


Importance of being Bilingual

Translate websites into other languages



Rubric for technology program? Does this happen?


Why is it failing

Administrators need to be in charge with responsibilty

Tech is always changing Are they out of the loop?
Mark Gura