Future Study

Further Study Direction

As our tool enables its user to collect real time data from microblogging platform, it is valuable for social behavior study or psychology study to someone who might be interested in conducting research in online social network area. We list three fields below that we believe are promising and would like to enhance our tool and continue our study in the future using the data that our tool collected. They are:  

1.      Information Retrieval

“Osama bin Laden Killed by U.S. Forces in Pakistan - ABC News”

As sentence above, we would like to retrieve as much information as we can, such as Object, Subject, Event, Location and Information Source, etc.

2.      Machine Translation

This direction, we want to achieve automatically machine translation. For instance, translate Chinese to English and improve accuracy based on the language expression habits we obtained from analyzing the data we collected.


3.      Entity and Relation Extraction

From sentence “Rose is Mike’s wife”, we want to successfully outline the relation between Rose and Mike. This kind of technique is useful since it can be used to recommend potential friends or follower to microblog users.